Backlit Seaside Daisies

by Kerry Drager

For 12 years, I shared my passion, knowledge and vision through online photography courses. Now I am excited to offer constructive feedback right here at!

You’ll receive a solid evaluation of your photography in the form of an emailed PDF or word doc that makes for easy reference. My comments will be tailored to meet your needs and skill level. In my critiques, I pride myself in being friendly and encouraging, yet direct. I'll point out both the positives and negatives, and will offer specific suggestions for improvement.

Prompt email support is a valuable benefit of my service, too. For instance, you can ask for clarification on any comments or request further advice on your photography.

My goals are to help you strengthen your skills, broaden your thinking, increase your confidence, and best yet, stretch your creativity. In short, I will help you in your quest to become the photographer you’ve always dreamed of becoming!

Portfolio Review

This basic option is a great way to help you narrow down your focus and start on the road to taking your photography to the next level. The Portfolio Review involves an overall assessment of your work – up to 15 photos. Although this review does not involve an individual critique of each and every image, I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your overall submitted portfolio, and point out things for you to work on in the future. 

Portfolio Review (15 submitted images) ... $99

Kim Having Fun #1

Individual Photo Critiques

For this option, you receive in-depth feedback. I'll note what works, and why, for each image. And I’ll address any problem areas, while also providing tips for improvement. Two great options to choose from:

Individual Critiques: 2 Photos ... $39

Individual Critiques: 10 Photos ... $149

Personal Mentoring

With this package, you'll receive deeper guidance - over a period of three to four months. Personal Mentoring involves individual critiques on three separate submissions (up to 10 images each). So, after I send you the review of your first set of photos, you'll have up to 30 days to make the next submission, and the same time frame for the third submission. That way, you can use my feedback as guidance for your next shoot. No time to shoot? No problem! I’ll be happy to evaluate older images, too.  Your choice!

Personal Mentoring: three submissions of 10 images each – 30 total ... $399

Orange Umbrella & Flowers #2

More details…

After you sign up, I’ll email you information on how to submit your photos (including sizing details), plus a short questionnaire on your equipment, photo goals, etc. After sending me your images, you can expect my review within one to two weeks.

For photos, almost anything goes! I shoot a wide variety of subjects and scenes, but here are a few thoughts and guidelines:

- My feedback will cover some, or all, of the following: composition, the quality of the natural light, subject choice, sharpness, depth of field, and other shooting issues and in-camera techniques.

Although I appreciate digital art, I prefer seeing submissions without use of creative Photoshop filters or plug-ins. 

- As shown in my galleries, I shoot primarily with natural light, so submissions should avoid flash or studio lighting. 

Questions Before Signing Up?

Just click on "Contact" at the top of this page!

Select Your Option:

What They’re Saying…

Published testimonials from Kerry’s online courses:

- "Kerry gives, by far, the best constructive critiques. I have learned so much!” –Cathy W. 

- "Kerry's course was excellent! He made very helpful suggestions in his critiques of my photos. He let me know what I did well and where I needed to improve. Thank you, Kerry!” –Phil B.

- "Kerry is a great teacher! He has an eagle eye for ways to improve a given image. He doesn't miss anything! He also knows how to take into account a student's experience when he critiques an image. For the beginners, he's looking at basics; for the more advanced students, he's more specific and more demanding.” –Janice L.

-"Simply the best!!! Kerry loves photography. He is very open to questions and comments, and loves to interact with his students. Timely and very thorough analyses from Kerry are both instructional and encouraging.” –Charles C.

- “Kerry has to be one of the nicest, kindest teachers I’ve ever had. … His delivery was so amazing … first, all the things that work in the photo, and then the nicest way of telling us what didn’t work in the photo … I loved every minute of his class!" –Wanda J.

- "Kerry is so helpful and his critiques are very spot-on. He tells you what is right and what is wrong with the photo and explains how to make it better.” –Janice C.

- "Regardless of your experience, Kerry always has words of encouragement, and he has a wonderful eye for seeing subtle changes that will improve your results. Kerry responds in a very timely and informative manner to any question you may have. … I highly recommend him!” –Frank D.

- "Kerry doesn't just critique my photos but also give ideas on other ways to work the picture. I have learned so much from Kerry!” –Cyndi B.

- "Kerry Drager's critiques are always thorough, thoughtful, and very helpful. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced photographer, Kerry makes you look at your images and think of how you might have captured the same scene differently. Later, you find yourself really thinking before you shoot!” –Betty S.

- "Kerry is quick to provide answers to student questions. His critiques were on time and very positive with praise when it was due and suggestions for improvement. This course was well worth the cost and I would not hesitate to recommend or take a course from Kerry again!"  –Mike B.

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