Composition Classes: Online, 2023

Offered through For these ONLINE and INTERACTIVE courses offered through, I team up with the most creative photographer around -- Bryan Peterson! In each 4-week class, we offer weekly lessons comprised of an easy-to-read text filled with tips and techniques, illustrated by instructional photos, and accompanied by inspiring how-to videos. Plus, there are motivating assignments AND enlightening critiques. Both classes are offered throughout the year.

Understanding Composition

Understanding Composition: Beyond the Basics

Seascape Photography: In-Person, Fall 2023

Offered through Cuesta College Community Programs, San Luis Obispo, CA. This 5-week adventure covers such topics as expanding your creative vision, understanding light, experimenting with shutter speed (to show or freeze motion), exploring unique points of view, and shooting sunsets and twilight. The five weekly classroom sessions involve a lively mix of instructional slide shows, assignments, critiques and discussions, while a field session puts it all into practice.

Dynamic Seascape Photography

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